Truancy Intervention

Group Mentoring Sessions

Behavioral Support (School Based, one-on-one)

Structured Summer Camp (9am-3pm)

S2S After - School Therapeutic Mentoring Programs

Individual and/or Family Outpatient Therapy 

Crisis Support and Intervention

Parent Support and Parent Coaching 

Teen Mom Parent Coaching

S2S offers and array of resources for parents, grandparents, caregiver, and family members alike. S2S has the bility to provide Parent Coaching services in the form of one-on-one and group setting, The 24/7 S2S resource line is also always a great way for families to get connected to resources, services, and programs offered in their area. 

S2S not only provides professional tutoring services to its youth during program hours, but includes support during school hours too! S2S mentors can coordinate with school administrators, counselors, teachers, and/or other support staff to ensure knowledge of our program, our objectives, and our ability to support them if needed. The youth's behavior in the school can influence their incentives and goals in the S2S program. The goal is to see positive changes everywhere!

All S2S Programs are based therapeutically, and are sensitive to behavioral and mental health diagnoses. S2S recognized common adverse behaviors, triggers, responses, and traumas that indicate the need for further support beyond after school. Our staff will connect youth and their families to programs and services that will best serve their individual needs and goals.