Child care programs where your school aged 5-16

year olds can grow, dream, experience and create.

We have a child care solution that will fit the needs of any family this 2020-2021 VIRTUAL school year!

Welcome to Somebody's To Somebodies Youth Care

As a community-based child care agency we never lose sight of the fact that parents have entrusted the care and education of their children to us. We owe both our school age children and their parents the best, most innovative child care programs possible - especially with everything going on in the world today.

We love nurturing young minds and watching them grow! What we teach your child will stay with them for a lifetime and inspire them to break away from the stereotypes given by society and, to instead, make a name for themselves as a SOMEBODY rather than “somebody’s.”

We are proudly offering full day school, after school, after hours and summer child care programs in Richmond, VA and Hopewell VA. Schedule A Visit at either locations Somebody's To Somebodies Youth Care and learn how we create safe, stable, nurturing environments for our children to reach their full potential.

Our vision at Somebody's to Somebodies (S2S) is to combat societal stereotypes by providing youth and their families with safe, skill-building child care spaces, services, programs, and resources that promote positive change and reverse the prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in all of our communities. 


Everything S2S does is FOR US BY US, created with passion, purpose, and Psychology. Our child care agency is based in therapeutic practices, and our staff are all trained in trauma -informed and -responsive care. 

We believe by providing support to the entire family with our community-based wraparound approach, we will further  our mission  of providing safe, stable, nurturing relationships and child care environments.  



How  A Somebody's To Somebodies Youth Care Program Works 

Our after school child care program will pick your child up from home after their virtual school day is over, and  bring them to either of ourlocations. Our after school program is based in therapeutic practices and experiential learning. We make sure homework is done, and an evening snack is provided. 

The after school child care program will end at 6pm, when pick ups and drop offs begin.

After School Child Care

For the first time ever, the world is preparing to return to school VIRTUALLY. Our S2S school day child care program begins at 6am for early drop offs, and offers pick ups from home. Breakfast is served before the virtual school day begins and lunch at noon. Your child will be supported throughout the full school day with qualified S2S Staff. After school, our enriching after school program begins. Drop offs by 6pm.

Full School Day Child Care

Our after hours child care is offered from 6pm to 12pm and includes an evening snack, dinner, with mindfulness and meditation practices before our evening rest time. During rest time we grab blankets and enjoy story time or a movie before rest and parent pick ups. Drop offs are not available for after hours child care services. Pick ups available upon request, parent drop off preferred.

After Hours Child Care

With Virtual Learning Support

Headmaster of Education

Ms. Ceonna Samuels is 32 years old and a Richmond, VA native.  She earned a Bachelor of Science from Old Dominion University. 

Ms. Samuels started Certified Scholars in 2015, in hopes to change a few of our youth’s attitudes about their education. Since 2015, Certified Scholars has grown tremendously, and Ms. Samuels has helped hundreds throughout Richmond, VA.  She provides a loving and trusting environment during tutoring sessions, leading to the scholastic success and rise in confidence of every Certified Scholar.  

Meet Ms. Ceonna


Program Director


Chief Executive Officer


Join Our Child

Care Team!

Join Our Child

Care Team!

Somebody's To Somebodies Youth Care looks for the best child care professionals and support staff to care for our school aged children 5-16 years old.  Our staff is passionate about children and value the role they play in your child's life. 


Our team is committed to creating neighborhoods, communities, and a world in which every child can thrive.

Learn more about our opportunities and join our child care team! 


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