The vision of S2S is to inspire youth and their families to breakaway from the limitations given by society, and to instead become SOMEBODY rather than SOMEBODY’s stereotype. 

The Somebody’s To Somebodies Mission is to combat stereotypes by providing youth and their families with safe spaces, programs, and resources to promote positive change in their communities.


“Teaching our youth to be SOMEBODY, instead of SOMEBODY’S.”

The purpose of the S2S therapeutic mentoring model is to provide wraparound services that train youth's mindset to think positively and expansively in order for their negative behaviors to change. This model is based in the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) technique which includes the use of worksheets, journaling, role playing and skill-building to achieve positive thoughts and ultimately positive behaviors. Services are a combination of providing youth with a mentor whose focus is driven by an evidence based practice, and connecting them to individual or family outpatient therapy as an extra layer of support throughout the program. Youth will be able to articulate who they are without being defined by their diagnosis, adverse behavior, and stereotype after participating in our program. Our hope is that youth will not only have a better sense of self, but also a better sense of responsibility - for themselves, their peers, and their community- after they complete the S2S program. 

More About Us

The S2S staff is highly educated and experienced at working with youth and their families in order to promote a healthy and stable family unit that is conducive to fostering positive results while services are in place and, most importantly, independent of services once they are discharged.

The Staff