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Our mission as a therapeutic mentoring service is to inspire youth to break away  from the stereotypes given by society and, to instead, make a name for themselves as a somebody rather than “somebody’s.”

S2S therapeutic mentoring services include supporting, coaching, and training the youth in age-appropriate behaviors, interpersonal communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, age appropriate behaviors towards peers and authority figures, based on their  assessed need, diagnosis(es), and      their individualized service plan.



the kids!


Once you have signed up, an S2S staff member will give you a call to determine the needs of you and your child! We will connect you to the best program or service S2S has to offers, to refer you to another reputable local agency or organization if S2S cannot meet your needs. 

Your child can begin an S2S program or service as early as 2-3 weeks if eligibility and admission requirements are met. 



 STEP 4:





Why are Mentors so important?

Although mentors have dramatically changed the lives of youth in the community, 1 in 3 young people will grown up without a mentor. Mentoring guarantees young people that there is someone who cares about them, assures them they are not alone in dealing with Day-to- Day challenges and make them feel like they matter. Research confirms that young people who are connected with mentors have are effected positively in a variety of areas to include academics, personal and professional settings. 

Youth who participate in mentoring programs: 

More likely to enroll in college 

More likely to volunteer regularly in their communities

More likely to be interested in becoming a mentor

All S2S Mentors receive and must clear Federal, State and Local CPS/DSS background checks

Provided mentorship to over 200+ youth since 2015.

Connected parents and guardians with community resources for behavior, financial and housing support

All S2S Mentors are Qualified Mental Health Professionals (Bachelors degree in Human Services, substantial relevant experience working with at-risk youth)

2 After-School Programs (Hopewell, VA & Richmond, VA) 



S. Reynolds, S2S Parent 

 “Since my son came to the after school program he has started coming out of his shell. He is getting better in school and wants to complete his homework when he comes home.”

A. Jones, Mentee

 “I’ve been with S2S since I was 14 years old. With the help of S2S I am graduating high school on time with my son watching.”

Z. Barner, B.S. QMHP-C/A

“I love coming to work. The differences we have made since my tenure is amazing.”

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Somebody’s To Somebodies (S2S) Mentoring Services

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